Vacuum technology for experimental physics

Particle accelerators

The challenge:
Physicists around the world are working with particle accelerators with the goal to gain new knowledge regarding space research, to recreate the Big Bang or to break down protons. Some physicists even hold that it is possible to create a black hole by means of a particle accelerator. These processes release a great amount of energy and cause extreme temperature fluctuation.

Just Vacuum is your competent partner when it comes to UHV chambers as well as their respective vacuum components. In close cooperation with you, we design and manufacture vacuum chambers specially tailored to your requests. We find solutions for your specific requirements.

•    UHV chambers
•    UHV components
•    Manipulators

We are also happy to offer matching pumping systems:
•    Ion getter pumps
•    Screw pumps
•    Turbo-molecular pumps

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