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JUST VACUUM is a distribution partner of VAT Vakuumventile AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum valves for industry and research.

In the past 50 years, VAT has become one of the world’s leading companies in the area of vacuum valves.

For VAT, the main focus has always been on innovation, quality and reliability.


Large angle valves

JUST VACUUM manufactures angle valves in large nominal widths from DN 400 ISO-K up to DN 1000 ISO-F as standard products in made-to-order production and small series, and as custom-made products.

Our standardised large angle valves come equipped with a diaphragm bellows which insulates the double-acting piston against the vacuum. An electro-pneumatic actuator, controlled by a 5-way valve, opens and closes the angle valves in a controlled manner. A viton O-ring, pressed into a groove on the disc flange, seals the valve disc in its closed state. This facilitates their use in the HV and UHV range, depending on the application.

In order to ensure stability when flooding large volumes and to minimise vibrations, we also offer the angle valves with a slideway in place of the usual diaphragm bellows.

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